Samsung MLT-D1042S - svart - original - tonerkassett

Samsung MLT-D1042S - svart - original - tonerkassett MLT-D1042S/ELS
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  • Genuine quality
  • Easy-to-change toner
  • Automatic toner monitoring system
  • Unique toner design
  • Security label
  • Standardized cartridge
Imagine a printer that operates quietly and allows you to concentrate on other important tasks while it prints. The NO-NOIS engine design means the toner is stored in a fixed cartridge mechanism, eliminating noise and vibration. It also simplifies toner changes - there are no heavy toners to change, just small, easy-to-access toner bottles.

No mess. No fuss. Samsung printer cartridges are easy to replace so you can get back to work. Simply follow three easy steps: open the front cabinet, change the cartridge, and close the cabinet. That's all there is to it!

The Samsung LaserJet cartridge has been tested to meet ISO standards, which makes it easy to compare toner yields from different manufacturers.


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